AfterShock Comics And Renegade Entertainment Announces New Comic Book ‘Lycan’

by Olly MacNamee

AfterShock Comics and Renegade Entertainment are teaming up to bring readers a new comic book property Lycan from actor and comic book fan, Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Bad Planet). And they’ve recruited writer and author Mike Carey (Lucifer,The Girl with All the Gifts) to script, based on a story by David James Kelly (Logan, Robin Hood), and Jane.

“Year of Our Lord 1777: A hardened band of international big game hunters returning from Africa are shipwrecked off a small British island. In exchange for new supplies and the repairing of their good ship The Calydonian, Lord Ludgate engages the men for a task they are particularly well suited for: find the Berserking Beast that has been eating his subjects, including a group of young Benedictine Nuns, and destroy it.”

As for why Jane chose AfterShock? Well, Joe Pruett, Publisher and CCO of AfterShock Comics, gave us the answer:

“Thomas and I have talked about working together for quite a while now, so when the chance came to merge his love and passion for the comic book medium with AfterShock’s own, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. With our proven track record of launching successful, creator-owned titles, and the talent Thomas brings to the creation of a book the opportunities for this book and our relationship are limitless.”  

Thomas Jane co-founded Renegade Entertainment with Courtney Lauren Penn with Jane also co-owned RAW Studios with Steve Niles and Tim Bradstreet which developed a number of projects including the comic Bad Planet, which Jane wrote and distributed through Image Comics and Alien Pig Farm 3000 with writer Todd Farmer.

Jane said:

 “I am beyond excited to be partnering with AfterShock Comics to develop the universe of Lycan. It’s a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time and I’m very lucky to have a great team of creators with David and Mike to bring it to life through the upcoming comic book series.”

But, don’t hold your breath as this six-issue series won’t see the light of day until 2022! Although, if we heard more, or see a sneak peek, you’ll be the first to know, as always.


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