‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Reveals Black Panther In ‘War For Wakanda’ Expansion

by Sage Ashford

Along with recently getting a next-gen version, Marvel’s Avengers released their ‘Future Imperfect’ expansion, adding Hawkeye to the game and another story campaign, but during Square Enix Presents they also unveiled future plans for the game.  The next character being added to the game will be Black Panther, and he’ll be coming in what’s described by Crystal Dynamics as the “biggest expansion yet”.

The game will be adding yet another new region to the game in Wakanda, with a story mode that’s larger than any of the previous ones aside from the main story.  It’ll also be coming with a new villain in Klaw, as well as new raid content.

However, currently there’s no release date for’ War for Wakanda’, though the game’s new “roadmap” has it listed as coming sometime in the Summer.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available for next-gen and current-gen consoles along with PC and Google Stadia.

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