“Obi-Wan Wynobi At Your Service” — Let’s Talk About ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 10

by Erik Amaya

When you see Zoie Palmer‘s name in the credits, you know it’s going to be a different sort of Wynonna Earp.

And, true to form, the antepenultimate episode of the series (for now) changes all the stakes. BBD is pulling their resources, monsters in the Ghost River Triangle are being penned, and Jolene (Palmer) is back. Meanwhile, the Earp sisters have an argument that could rip them apart, and then …

Well, we’ll get to “then” later.

Based on the montage of Wynonna’s (Melanie Scrofano) drinking and demon-slaying, we’re going to guess some time has passed since last week’s episode and the trivia night follies. In that time, things have definitely soured around Purgatory and they’re clearly desperate enough for Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) to stage an intervention. Or, at least, try to stage one as Wynonna would rather lash out than accept she has a problem. And her harsh words may lead to the ultimate regret considering what happens “then.”

In the time between episodes, Doc’s (Tim Rozon) also lost control of Amon’s bar. But that’s okay because whatever scheme he was pulling is at its end. Or, it seems to be, anyway. More importantly, he’s had Waverly’s book from the Garden all this time. Presumably, he still has it when BBD comes to collect him because, oh yeah, they’re taking creatures with them this time. It’s the moment Dolls (Shamier Anderson) always warned the others about: the time when Black Badge decides its better to bomb a site than contain it. That certainly seems wise from BBD’s point of view, but can you bomb the Garden gate out of existence? That seems unlikely. In fact, it is possible megaton explosives will only makes its reach larger than the Triangle.

But, hey, maybe that’s been Eve’s endgame all along. Well, provided she’s still in play. Even as the season ignored a big bad, she still feels like a prime suspect for the fog enveloping Purgatory. Hell, we thought she might be impersonating Jolene until, well, “then.”

Accounting for monsters and a food supply, BBD rounded up Doc, our werewolf friend from last week, Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Cleo (Savannah Basley). As part of the exit strategy, the BBD colonel was ready to let the creatures eat up the Purgatory citizens as they pass through to the next installation on an ark. Not that this will necessarily happen, of course. Despite Mercedes (Dani Kind) getting shot in her attempt at a jail break, we fully expect Doc to engineer a proper escape. Or, if he can’t, there are still people unaccounted for like Nedley (Greg Lawson), Kate (Chantal Riley) and even Champ.

Okay, it’s unlikely Champ is suddenly going to reappear, but Kate’s absence is even noted this week. And while that could just be a joke about Mercedes’s chest, it could be a reminder that we haven’t seen Kate since she freed Nicole from the train.

Other people in the wild include Nicole, who never made it back to the rendezvous site; Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis), who is patiently waiting next to Cleo — Wynonna sprang her from BBD in a desperate bid to find Waverly — and we’re even going to say Billy is among the remaining people on the loose even if we saw his seemingly lifeless form left behind the cabin right before “then.” We think it’s important to remember where everyone is because they’re the only hope Waverly has of becoming herself again.

And now that we have all the players in position, we can talk about “then.” Despite Jolene’s fervent wish to destroy Waverly, her time stuck in a cabin within the fog led to a new wish — revealing Waves’ demonic side. Thanks to some torture and a last minute ejection of Wynonna from the cabin, she finally got to see the darkness swirling in Purgatory’s sweetest daughter. It’s quite a switch and pretty bold if the show has to end with Wynonna putting down her sister. Sure, she put down Willa, too, but this is bigger because if the show has been about anything, it’s been about Wynonna and Waverly’s bond. It’s fascinating stakes for the ending and we think it will be worth the subdued humor in these final hours.

Provided, of course, we get a full half-hour of laughs at the end during Waverly and Nicole’s wedding — and we better get the wedding.

Oh, and speaking of stakes, Rachel’s sudden decision to train as a hunter — and her subsequent ambivalence — sure feels important. We imagine it was a strand built for Season 5, but with that year no longer in the cards (for now), Rachel may choose a different fate now that she’s seen how much death crowds Wynonna’s path.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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