Review: ‘Power Rangers’ #5 Introduces Some Familiar Faces From Space

by James Ferguson


Some characters from Power Rangers in Space pop up as the Omega Rangers search for answers and a way to stop their powerful new villain. This is sure to be a delight for fans of that particular run of the show, however even if it’s new to you, there’s plenty to enjoy in this chapter.


What began as a search for information on Onyx, a planet that resembles the Wild West, quickly turns into a fight between good and evil as Astronema strikes. The fan-favorite villain from Power Rangers In Space has a score to settle with the Rangers, even if these aren’t the ones she’s familiar with. As Jason and Zack deal with the Princess of Evil, Trini and Drakkon make a startling discovery and encounter an adversary of their own.

My knowledge of Power Rangers is limited to the Mighty Morphin era and what has happened in the comics so far, so the appearance of Astronema and another character from In Space didn’t have quite the impact that they could have for me. I do appreciate what writer Ryan Parrott is doing, weaving in elements of other series as there’s no reason why they can’t co-exist. One of Parrott’s strengths is in character development, so although I’m not familiar with these newcomers, I’m sure I’ll get a crash course soon.

Power Rangers #5 has some gags in the way Jason and Zack basically have to play cowboy on Onyx, however, these are used sparingly. After a big debut, this series has been more like a monster-of-the-week setup than an ongoing epic, however I’m sure these various threads will start to come together as the Rangers continue their search for their powerful new enemy.

This series really leans into the sci-fi aspect of the franchise and artist Francesco Mortarino is definitely at home here. Aided on inks by Simona Di Gianfelice, the designs for the alien creatures are…well…out of this world. No two creatures look alike. The human characters have a similar appearance, showing the various forms that two-legged people can take across the galaxy.

We’re years into the Power Rangers comics and artists keep coming up with new and interesting ways for the heroes to morph. Jason and Zack do it in a single panel, with their costumes enveloping them in swirls of powerful energy. Colorist Raul Angulo makes these pop on the page with help from Jose Enrique Ferandez. Later on, Trini has a different effect as she’s in costume already. Her helmet materializes around her head over the course of a few panels.

Given that Onyx is a desert planet, the sun beats down with an aggressive heat. Angulo depicts the battles in the light of day, almost to the point where you have to squint your eyes. The various shades of the aliens, humans, and Rangers clash in a beautiful burst of color.

Letterer Ed Dukeshire adds some intensity to this battle with some bold dialogue and strong sound effects. Things go from quiet and calm to exciting and out of control pretty quickly and it shows in the way the words appear on the page.

The past actions of the Omega Rangers have come back to haunt them even as they head farther and farther out into the stars. They mean well, but they’ll have to answer for what they’ve done. You can’t just break a tyrannical super villain out of your old boss’ dungeon and expect to get away clean. The way this series is weaving in more aspects of the Power Rangers mythos is very exciting and I am eager to see how all this ties together.

Power Rangers #5 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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