Soaring Penguin Press Launches Kickstarter For Ilana Zeffren’s ‘Urban Tails’

by James Ferguson

Indie publisher Soaring Penguin Press is back on Kickstarter for its next release, the first English translation of Ilana Zeffren’s Urban Tails. The autobiographic comic provides a charming, insightful look at LGBT+ life in Tel Aviv.

Zeffren began chronicling her life through a weekly newspaper comic strip in 2006. This collection features over 200 pages of Ilana, her girlfriend, and their two cats, Spaghetti and Rafi. It addresses subjects ranging from mental health to the proliferation of crocs. The cats serve as a Greek Chorus, providing a running commentary throughout everything from war zones to life-changing worries.

“My hopes for this collection in English is to introduce my work to a vast and diverse audience and to give a taste of daily life in Tel Aviv.” says Zeffren. “I think cat lovers, comics readers, LGBTQ people, Gender studies academics and many more can find themselves in it.”

Urban Tails a glimpse of life in another country and another culture. But what I really like about Urban Tails is that it’s gently subversive.” added Soaring Penguin Press Co-Publisher John Anderson. “It has a family dynamic that just happens to be about two lesbians. And their cats. It doesn’t bring it up as a thing, it’s simply part of the fabric of the cloth.”

The Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for back costs and to increase creator wages. Rewards include digital and physical copies of Urban Tails, both in softcover and hardcover, a set of coasters, and original sketches.

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