The Speed Force Makes Life Tough For Barry In A Preview Of Next Week’s ‘The Flash’

by Erik Amaya

Now that the Speed Force is taking the form of Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison) long term, she’s going to have to learn to be somewhat human. Unfortunately for Barry (Grant Gustin), it means tagging along during his work day and making his speed a little extra. And if this preview for next week’s episode of The Flash is any indication, it will be a tough learning curve for the Speed Force and for Barry.

Meanwhile, we’re surprised this week’s episode just wasn’t as funny as we expected. Don’t get us wrong, learning more about Chester (Brandon McKnight) led to some good scenes and the episode proved he can share screentime with Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Nevertheless, the humor seemed oddly muted. Maybe its a side-effect of the production safeguards required to produce the show during a pandemic. With few background players or guest actors, the show really couldn’t pull off the feeling of being twenty-three years in the past as effectively as it might have a few seasons ago. Also, did they use the Superman & Lois Smallville main street? That Blockbuster sure looked like the movie theater on that other series.

And, we have to say, the 1990s references didn’t seem as fresh as they could’ve been. Although, the corporate synergy with those Space Jam and Game of Thrones shout-outs was funnier from that perspective than the characters’ attempt to organically mention those WarnerMedia products.

Then again, it was nice to see an episode focus on a pair of characters this way. These sorts of team-ups used to be a series specialty and we’d like to see more of them in the future. It’s a nice change of pace even if that pace was a little too slow in this instance.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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