The Saga Of Scream Continues In Marvel’s ‘Extreme Carnage’ In July

by Tony Thornley

Andi Benton and her symbiotic other Scream have quietly become one of the key players in the strange and dark world surrounding Venom and Carnage within the Marvel Universe. As Extreme Carnage begins this July, things are about to get even stranger.

Following King In Black and July’s Extreme Carnage Alpha #1 a terrifying new threat emerges for the symbiotes. In Extreme Carnage: Scream #1, that threat strikes Andi and her other. To tell the tale, Clay McLeod Chapman & Chris Mooneyham, the creative team of Scream: Curse of Carnage, reunite to continue Andi’s adventures.

Cover by Skan

Andi Benton has always been a fighter, and that’s never been truer than since she bonded to the Scream symbiote a few months ago. But even after Absolute Carnage and King in Black, Andi has never had to fight like this — and, worse still, if she can’t save her symbiote from whatever unseen force is affecting it, she might have to do it alone… 

In discussing the story, Chapman said “Extreme Carnage is a dream —scream? —come true. Not only am I utterly in awe of the sheer talent involved in mapping out this massive event, but I feel honored to be able to return to the character of Scream and further explore the complex relationship dynamics between them and Andi Benton. These two characters have such a profound bond with one another, whether fused together or torn apart, that every time I get to tell another chapter in their legacy feels like an immense privilege. Viva la Scream!”

Stay tuned for more information about Extreme Carnage as it comes, and pick up Extreme Carnage Alpha and Extreme Carnage: Scream in July!

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