Review: Only Three Survivors Remain In ‘Maniac Of New York’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

In the second chapter of Maniac of New York, Harry had a whole subway train filled with commuters to have his way with. By the time chapter three opens up, all but three of those unlucky folks have already eaten it. Gabriella is desperately trying to keep her two young wards out of harm’s way, but there’s no room left in the train to run.

After losing their plea to get the Mayor’s help in stopping the train, Gina and Zelda figured out a way to get on board, but what will they do once they’re there?

I was not a huge fan of this series in the first chapter. The second picked up the pace quite a bit, and delivered not only the jump scares and gore that readers are looking for in joints like this, but also some slick, subtle notes on global warming and the pandemic. It was growing on me. Then this chapter hit the brakes again, hard.

I’m not sure what Elliott Kalan is doing here, but the pacing is all over the place. After only two pages dedicated to Detective Zelda Pettibone’s struggles at her previous precinct, we speed right past that into fifteen pages of the slowest chase through 11 subway cars imaginable. 

There is one beautiful moment, where the train has just slowed enough through a station for the commuters waiting on the platform to catch a fleeting glimpse of their would-be doom, but that is it. That’s all that happens until the very last pop.

Andrea Mutti delivers a few really great moments in this one. The shock on the would-be riders’ faces when they realize that as badly as they just wanted on this train a second ago, had they gotten their way, they’d all be dead? That’s real. That’s kind of the highlight for me here, though. This issue just isn’t moving at the pace of the last. 

With fewer targets this time around, the big guy is kind of just stomping from one end of the train to the other, swinging his machete from side to side. He bangs the vertical poles a couple times, but there really isn’t anything for him to do until the very end. Can’t really fault Mutti for not having anything to draw.

I feel like this series really has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, this chapter is falling flatter for me than the first did.

Maniac of New York #3, AfterShock Comics, 14 April 2021. Written by Elliott Kalan, art/color by Andrea Mutti, letters by Taylor Esposito.


Maniac of New York is all over the place with its pacing. As excited as I got with the injection of adrenaline in the second chapter, chapter three slams on the brakes and crawls to a pace even slower than chapter one. I really want to like this book, but every time I get interested, I get yanked back out of it.

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