New ‘Shang-Chi’ Series Kicks Off Next Month With A Showdown With Spider-Man

by James Ferguson

It was strange to just have a Shang-Chi mini-series with a movie on the way. The character is poised to become a breakout star and Marvel is jumping on that with a new series beginning next month. Writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Dike Ruan are teaming up again to continue the story of the master of martial arts in a new ongoing title. Why they didn’t just continue the numbering is anyone’s guess.

Shang-Chi follows the title character after the events of the previous series where he’s taken his place as the leader of the Five Weapons Society. It’s not easy to use an evil secret organization as a force for good though, especially with the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes questioning his motives. Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine come calling as new villains with sinister goals pop up to contend with Shang-Chi and his newfound family of warriors.

Shang-Chi #1 features a main cover by Leinil Francis Yu and a variant cover by Michael Cho. It’s set for release on May 19th, 2021.

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