Super Sunday (Part 1) – Kickstarting Comics With ‘Bëorn: The Little Viking Saga’ (Book Two)

by Olly MacNamee

It’s been a while since we last gave over our Sunday scheduling to crowdfunded comics, so we thought it about time to do it again. There are plenty of independent comic book creators out there producing some amazing looking books. We intend to bring you a new campaign every hour, on the hour, today to show you the immense talent, and variety, out there on Kickstarter. And we start the day off with a look at Bëorn: Book Two and the continuing adventures of the little viking that we showcased last year.

Created by Ben Bender, this all-ages graphic novel most definitely would appeal to fans of Asterix being heavy on action, adventure and laughs.

Beorn: Book Two will be 112-128 pages and a 8.5×11 Case Hardcover, Gold Foil Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Printed Endsheets, and Spot Gloss Coating will all come standard with this edition of the book.

So, who is Bëorn? Well, I’ll let Bender explain:

“Beorn was a little Viking who kept leading me down roads full of big moments…and big feelings. I fell in love with the cast of characters. It was a delight to see how their relationships with Beorn – and each other – grew…

But no matter how Beorn’s world and saga grew, there was always one constant. At it’s center, Beorn’s story was about friendship. A magical friendship between a little Viking and his best friend who happened to be a troll. I have found it to be something very special, and I’m excited to finally share it.”

With pledge rewards including original sketches, sticker packs and original art pages, there’s a price point for everyone.

With just eleven days to go, you may want to check the campaign out sooner rather than later here.

Or check out the official Bëorn The Little Viking website here.

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