‘Hellboy: The Board Game’ Now Available On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Mantic Games has announced a partnership with Dark Horse Comics and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola to bring Hellboy: The Board Game back to Kickstarter. This latest campaign will complete the current board game story arc and launch some exciting new additions to the franchise.

In this Kickstarter campaign, fans can complete the storyline in Hellboy: The Board Game with the Storm and the Fury expansion. Inspired by the graphic novel, in this epic conclusion to the saga, Hellboy will face his toughest foe yet: Nimue in her dragon form. This is not an experience for the faint of heart and features the biggest miniature Mantic has produced for Hellboy: The Board Game.

With the story complete, it’s time to move onto a whole new chapter. The Pandemonium, Hell on Earth, and End of Days expansions take their inspiration straight from the dramatic B.P.R.D. comics. With these new additions to the game, players can add new playable agents, new cinematic boss encounters, and vicious minions to their Case Files. Each of these expansions builds on the tension-packed co-operative experience of Hellboy: The Board Game but cranks up the danger, thanks to the all-new Ragnarok mode.


As part of this Kickstarter, Mantic Games will also be funding the creation of Hellboy: The Dice Game, a pick-up-and-play Hellboy experience for the whole family. In this game, you’ll have to decide when to take risks or play it safe, as you explore a mysterious location and encounter some of Hellboy’s most notorious foes.

The new Hellboy: The Board Game Kickstarter is live now and can be found right here. 




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