DC FanDome To Virtually Reopen This October

by Erik Amaya

With its varied content, variable presentation lengths, and bevy of film news, DC FanDome was one of 2020’s best virtual conventions. Sure, it stumbled in a few areas — the last minute postponement of the TV and comics content by a month, for example — but it also managed to feel focused and fresh even as Zoom fatigue was already setting in.

So, why not do it again?

Wednesday morning, DC Entertainment announced the FanDome will reopen on October 16th.

Details are, of course, scarce, but as the event’s biggest success was presenting the film schedule as a united front, one imagines it will focus on that again with new looks at The Batman, Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and maybe even The Flash. Although, considering its attempt to cover all of DC’s various avenues, we think there might be some news about the long-in-the works Green Lantern HBO series and, y’know, maybe a comic book announcement or two.

The move also suggests DC will be steering clear of other virtual events like Comic-Con@Home and, seemingly, in-person events like New York Comic Con. That convention is scheduled to take place October 7th through the 10th with a virtual component occurring simultaneously. That’s likely for the best this year, but does the success of FanDome mean DC will avoid all conventions in the future? They already abandoned their prime spot in the San Diego Convention Center to join the WarnerMedia. booth at a more congested corner of the show floor — a move many assumed was a cost-cutting measure imposed by AT&T — but keeping the film and TV talent in the safe confines of the FanDome could mean a larger rejection of conventions on WarnerMedia’s part.

Time will, of course, tell.

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