Image Comics Orders More Printings For James Harren’s ‘Ultramega’ #1 and #2

by Olly MacNamee

Anther day another Skybound/Image Comics’ sell out. I mean, is it really good business to always under print? Well, it certainly a strategy that seems to be working for Ultramega by James Harren. Not only is the debut issue getting a third printing but the sophomore issue is getting second printing.

Oh, and new covers too!

Ultramega #2 and Ultramega #1 reprints will be available in comic book shops on Wednesday, May 26th. That’s about all you need to know, right? That and the news that the B covers for both reprints will be 1:5 incentive covers, so harder to get if you don’t secure your copy at your local store ahead of time.

  • Ultramega #2, second printing Cover A by Harren
  • Ultramega  #2, second printing Cover B (1:5 copy incentive)
  • Ultramega  #1, third printing Cover A by Harren
  • Ultramega #1, third printing Cover B (1:5 copy incentive)

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