Housemarque Gives Near 30 Minutes Of Gameplay For ‘Returnal’

by Sage Ashford

Though Returnal is already available for players, Housemarque has more footage for players who are still unsure about whether they want to try the game or not.   This time around, they’ve released a 28 minute deep dive guiding players through the first two areas of the game–both the ruins of the opening as well as the game’s Crimson Wastes, while they explain in detail the game’s story and lore elements as well as the weapons available to the players.

Returnal follows the story of Selene, a young astronaut who crashlands on the planet Atropos.  While she’s exploring, to her surprise she finds her own corpse already on the planet, and learns that she’s trapped in a time loop, where each time she dies she’s thrown back to when she first landed on the planet.   Each time the player dies, they keep certain upgrades but are forced to start from the beginning, until they can defeat the final boss and learn the truth of the planet.

Returnal is available for PlayStation 5 now.

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