The Weekly 2000 AD – Prog 2230 – Having A Bit Of Bowel Bother?

by Richard Bruton

The Weekly 2000 AD, Comicon’s weekly preview of all the thrill-power the UK’s finest sci-fi comic has to offer…

Cover by Pye Parr

your guts a good going-over, it’s time for the return of Arthur Wyatt and Pye Parr‘s Intestinauts in the latest Tharg’s 3Riller’s strip.

Elsewhere, it’s the finales of both the excellent Judge Dredd: A Penitent Man and those Visions of Deadworld, with Thistlebone and Feral & Foe continuing apace.

2000 AD Prog 2230 is out on Wednsday 5th May. If you can, now that lockdown’s over, head on out to your local comic shop and give them your support!

JUDGE DREDD: A PENITENT MAN – PART 6 – FINAL PART – Ken Niemand, Tom Foster, colours by Chris Blythe, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Well, not quite the Asher and Dredd versus the SJS finale, but how it all plays out here makes it a great ending to what’s been the best Dredd of the year so far.

Tom Foster’s artwork has been so good all the way through all this and surely it won’t be too long before he’s back on Dredd? As for Niemand’s storyline, it was tight, it had that real sense of import, and no doubt there’s going to be repercussions between Dredd and SJS to come, as I’m expecting Niemand will keep this particular plot thread going.

THISTLEBONE: POISONED ROOTS – PART 10 – TC Eglington, Simon Davis, letters by Simon Bowland

It’s all building to a finale now, with Malcolm Kinniburgh moving into position as the bad guy, as Seema gets herself far, far too deep into the mystery, walking right into things…

More stunning artwork from Davis, of course it is, you don’t need me to tell you that surely! But Eglington’s doing great things here as well, this slow-build folklore horror might not have that sense of bewilderment and mystery that we had with the first series, but writer and artist have managed to give us a second series that’s gone off in slightly different directions, yet still keeping all the chills and horrors of the Thistlebone cult alive.

VISIONS OF DEADWORLD: TRANSPOLAR – PART 2 – FINAL PART – Kek-W, Dave Kendall, letters by Simon Bowland

The Dark Judges, the Sovs, and all those death fluids… all brought together at a gas-extraction plant in some “frozen shithole that’s fallen off the map,” as one of the Sovs puts it. And now, well, it gets suitably messy.

More action than there’s been so far in thes Visions of Deadworld vignettes thus far, as you’d expect from a two-parter, but still neatly, simply wrapped up. To be honest, the best of these were the quieter single-episode Visions, the ones that gave us those poetic little glimpses into what it’s like here on Deadworld.


Oh yes, another trio of Intestinauts tales, with Wyatt and Parr yet again doubling down on the toilet humour, taking us deeper and deeper into the gross-out world of these good guys of the gastrointestinal tract!

This time, the problems come with a malfunctioning Skinthetic Symbiote work suit… something along the lines of black suit Spidey, just with more bodily functions involved.

So, what happens when you mix a clingy symbiote suit with those nano-bots of intestinal investigations? Well, you get yourself another fun tale… and yes, it all ends up in the toilet once more!

FERAL & FOE II – PART 7 – Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, letters by Jim Campbell

Things never seem to go right for this inept pair, do they? But then again, if this were one of those fantasy tales, we wouldn’t be having anywhere near the fun that this second Feral & Foe series is giving to us, would we?

Anyway, they’re off on one of those dodgy side quests, with Wraith, Bode, and Krodgun now working for Golgone the Necromancers, all in an attempt to sort out the body-swap chaos they’ve found themselves in.

Except, seeing as Wraith and Bode are being served up for dinner by the Woodwoes, it’s gone about as well as you’d be expecting it to.

Or… to quote Wraith/Bode: “Oh, absolute arseholes!”

And then there’s this as well, with Krodgun getting in touch with his savage side… sound familiar?

“That’s right Stumpy! Eat my Chopper!”
“Heh, dunno what it is about this place, honestly. Must be all the sap rising and the fertility stuff. But everything just sounds dirty.”

Fun, fun, fun, fun.

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