The Curious Case Of The Burnt-Down Mobile Home: Reviewing ‘Dead Dog’s Bite’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

There’s only one chapter left in Dead Dog’s Bite. Joe is close to cracking this thing, obviously, or someone wouldn’t have taken the kerosene and matches to her home. Now, she’s setting up shop wherever she can, the local diner, the library, the former newspaper editor’s home, desperately trying to put the pieces together.

Did I mention how weird this book is? I believe I may have, once or twice.

Tyler Boss is proving he has as much a way with words as he does with drawing. There’s a quirky sort of rhythm to the dialogue, where nothing seems to be happening, but things actually are moving along at an odd little clip.

That’s sort of the feeling throughout the book. You get to the end of chapter three and wonder what the hell just happened, and it doesn’t seem like much, except now the poor kid has had two attempts on her life, so really, something must’ve. Probably.

The artwork is something else. From the librarian’s yellow tartan coat (not exactly loud McLeod, but damn close) to the newspaper editor’s wallpaper, there’s a ton of little authentic details that really make you feel at home in Pendermills. That’ll get you invested and make you feel a little betrayed and sick when things go South. 

I don’t even know how to describe how I feel about this book. There are elements of The Lottery, or that part of American Gods with the car and the frozen lake and the bodies in the trunk? There’s something awful happening in this joint, and a whole lot of the locals are in on it, willing to go to any lengths to keep whatever awful thing it is from coming to come to light. 

I love it, and I am mostly baffled as to why. Not really. It’s gorgeous and delightfully bizarre. This is generally what I look for in comics.

Blows off next month. I sincerely hope Joe survives. Doesn’t look good on that end.

Dead Dog’s Bite #3, Dark Horse Comics, 05 May 2021. By Tyler Boss, with a variant cover by Phillip Sevy.


The further we get into this thing, the more I find myself loving it. Gorgeous and delightfully bizarre.

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