Dan Mora Returns For Special Issue Of ‘Mighty Morphin’

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has announced the return of artist Dan Mora to the Power Rangers comic book universe in August 2021 for a special issue, Mighty Morphin #10. 

Written by Ryan Parrott, with colors by Raúl Angulo, color assists by Jose Enrique Fernández, and letters by Ed Dukeshire, MM #10 reveals a hidden chapter from Zordon’s past that will change everything you thought you knew about the Power Rangers forever.

‘Discover Zordon’s ties to Bandora’s Palace on the Moon – the modern home of Rita Repulsa. When an assassin is sent to disrupt the Eltarians efforts to protect an ancient weapon, Zordon is injured in the process and his mentor, Zophram, must make a decision that will alter the future of the Power Rangers as we know it!’

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