Art For Art’s Sake # 108 – The Tank (Girl) Is Back!

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, Comicon”s weekly spin through the world of comic art on the Internet, this week with our second look at the glorious art of Tank Girl as well.

We’ll open up with this gorgeous piece of Chris Bachelo – a Doctor Strange image and Neil Gaiman poem for the Hero Initiative and BINC Foundation auction 2021.

Guido Crepax – such incredibly striking work…

Mike Maihack – “Saw a cool jacket while image searching and thought, “You know who would rock a jacket like this? Storm, from the X-Men – But in truth, I think I just wanted to draw Storm and used the jacket as an excuse (really, any number of X-Folk would rock this jacket).”

Terry & Rachel Dodson – Birds of Prey

House of Mystery #176 by Joe Orlando and Sergio Aragones

Jaime Hernandez (who else?)

Neal AdamsShowcase Presents #80

Kyle Baker‘s fabulous Blackhawk cover from Action Comics #603

And more from Kyle Baker, this time the Phantom Stranger strip from Action Comics #610

Jill Thompson – Desire of the Endless

Jill Thompson again – this time with her own Scary Godmother –

A beautiful ‘Leopard From Lime Street’ commission from John McCrea

More fabulous John McCrea Dredd…

Some gorgeous Mick McMahon Dredd…

And to end… more Tank Girl.

Seriously, I had so much fun revisiting Tank Girl comics and images of old last week that I couldn’t resist a few more…

So… more from Jamie Hewlett

And some more of the other artists who’ve drawn everyone’s favourite Tanky…

Philip Bond

Jonathan Edwards

Rufus Dayglo

Simon Bisley

Glenn Fabry

Andy Pritchett

Greg Staples

Joelle Jones

Jim Mahfood

And of course… Mike McMahon

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