Extended Preview: ‘Red Sonja #1 1977 Dynamite Edition’

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Frank Thorne

Written by Ed Summer, Roy Thomas, Clara Noto

Art by Frank Thorne

“Own a piece of history! This special edition of the 1977 1st issue of Red Sonja is now available from Dynamite Entertainment! While wandering the forests of Argos, Red Sonja witnesses a warlord named Andar of Bezfarda attacking a unicorn; He cuts off the unicorn’s horn in the hopes of obtaining its mystical properties; Red Sonja leaps down and liberates the unicorn from its attackers; She rides off with it, and both rider and mount develop a close bond.”

Red Sonja #1 1977 Dynamite Edition is out Wednesday 9th June from Dynamite

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