The Heart Of Our Obsession With True Crime: ‘Fog Line’ On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

In the vein of the infamous podcast Serial comes a cold case summoned by the airwaves, and Henry is feeling the pressure. Introducing Fog Line, an all-new 36-page noir comic told in a cinematic landscape format, written by Mario Candelaria with art by co-writer Andy Michael, and letters by Matt Krotzer.

‘For the past 40 years, a retired truck driver named Henry has been haunted by a hit and run fatality he buried in the woods. Henry has learned to live with what he did over the years as he built a life and a family. But today he feels the walls finally closing in around him when he discovers a true crime podcast about the mysterious disappearance of his victim. Guilt, shame, and paranoia now plague Henry as he tumbles down the rabbit hole of this cold case in search of learning what exactly they know and if this could threaten to expose him.

What were once intrusive thoughts during quiet moments has now become active panic as Henry spirals while absorbing as much information on this case as possible to see if his day of reckoning has finally come.’

“I have always been drawn to stories of quiet desperation and seemingly irredeemable broken characters,” said writer Mario Candelaria. “There’s something about haunting intrusive thoughts of past missteps and how they have a chokehold on the beholder’s day to day life that intrigues me, especially if it is a secret that just eats away at the protagonist. Fog Line is us taking this idea that no one ever truly gets away with something terrible they’ve done and slowly turning up the heat until it all boils over.”

Rewards start at just a buck (for the cover). From there, you can choose backer tiers that will get you digital and printed copies, signatures, original art, sketches, and one of my all-time favorite offerings, a cameo in the book. (I’m a butler in a Christopher Sebela Houdini book. Just the one frame in the one scene, but I really feel like my performance adds to the story.)

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