D-Cell Games’ Upcoming ‘Unbeatable’ Is A Rhythm Adventure Title With A Distinct Anime Style

by Sage Ashford

D-Cell Games showed off gameplay of their upcoming title, Unbeatable, during the Day of the Devs showcase which followed Geoff Keighley‘s Summer Game Fest. With gorgeous anime-inspired visuals, Unbeatable follows Beat, Quaver, Treble, and Clef, a band of kids who have to deal with both the police and other enemies while trying to perform their music.

Described as a game where “music is illegal and you do crimes,” the title is partially story-driven as players can travel the city, where they can practice their upcoming songs and help people while learning about the rest of the world. There’s a certain number of days until the band’s performances, during which players will perform their setlist, which is where all the rhythm gameplay comes in.

Originally a Kickstarter title, Unbeatable blew past it’s original funding goal of $55,000 in a single day, eventually leading to the game raising over $250,000. Unbeatable isn’t due for release until 2023, but currently there’s a side-story demo available known as Unbeatable [white label], which features a dozen songs and develops the world of the game.

Unbeatable [white label] can be found on Steam, and while the full game could come to other platforms, it is only scheduled for release on PC.

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