Review: ‘The Bad Batch’ S01 Ep. 07 ‘Battle Scars’

by Olly MacNamee

(+++ WARNING: This review contains spoilers for The Bad Batch S01 Ep. 07 ‘Battle Scars’ +++)

After a couple of lighter episodes it was only a matter of time for a much significant instalment in this fledgling series to drop. And ‘Battle Scars’ was definitely that episode.

The highly anticipated revelation of Captain Rex to the party is dealt with pretty quickly in the opening few minutes as Clone Force 99 continue to hang around in Cid’s bar in a seemingly inescapable debt. This time, it’s a debt accrued thanks to the sharing of Mantell Mix (space popcorn) that Omega and Wrecker enjoy indulging in after each successful mission.  But, unlike popcorn, this seems to be a rather expensive treat. It may be something of a stretch to think the Bad Batch can’t leave the planet until they’ve paid off this particular bar tab, but it’s one of the few fun moments in this serious episode. Although it does serve the narrative arc of this episode well, with a great heart-warming payoff at the end.

But, back to the main thrust of this episode. Wrecker’s ominous headaches are the real worry and focus of the action. Clearly established as the less psychologically strong of the Bad Batch, it soon becomes obvious to the gang that Wrecker is very close to losing out to the inhibitor chip within each member’s skulls and succumbing to Order 66.

It’s a race against time as they head off to Bracca (introduced in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game) to extrapolate the chips from him, and from them too. A dark, junkyard planet that fits the tone of this more menacing episode, with a few obstacles to overcome along the way to a successful operation.

We get a sweet ending, with Omega refusing to leaving a recovering Wrecker’s side – even though he tried to kill her – as well as an ominous ending that is sure to come back and bite the gang on the ass.

A great episode with a character-centric story you can’t help but become invested in as the Lennie Smalls of space gets another chance to shine, and to come good. 

The Bad Batch is streaming now on Disney + with new episodes every Friday.

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