Hel And Back: Previewing ‘The Mighty Valkyries’ #3

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Mattia de Iulis

Written by: Jason Aaron, Torunn GrØnbekk
Art by: Mattia de Iulis and Erica D’Urso

“CHILDREN OF THE AFTERLIFE! While Kraven the Hunter stalks Jane Foster on Midgard and the newest Valkyrie fights for her soul on Perdita, Karnilla, the queen of Hel, works a miracle in the land of the dead! But Karnilla isn’t Hel’s only ruler—and now she’s upset the cosmic balance. There will be a price to pay…and Karnilla intends to ensure the Valkyries pay it.”

The Mighty Valkyries #3 is out Wednesday 16th June from Marvel

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