Clark Recalls The Past In A Preview Of The Next ‘Superman & Lois’

by Erik Amaya

It will soon be time for Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) to look back on his earlier days as Superman. But as this trailer for next week’s Superman & Lois suggests, his recollection will take a dark turn. Is it really a phantasm he experiences while recuperating from his use of the Eradicator? Or will he discover some long forgotten secret in his reminiscence?

As for this week, we’re glad the X-Kryptonite story has hit something of a conclusion. Sure, Morgan Edge/Tar-Ro (Adam Rayner) is still on the loose, but his reasons for being in Smallville and his true nature are revealed to the world. That should make the latter half of the season quite different from where we were in the pilot. In fact, it is interesting to see nearly all of the ideas presented in the first two episodes pivot into something far more interesting. The notion of Clark having a half-brother thanks to the Kryptonian tradition of genetic bonding is something new and it makes his enemy different from, say, Zod or Lex Luthor.

Of course, it also mean the story Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) had been working on is blown right open and she’ll need something new to do. Although, considering Edge won’t be running his companies anymore, maybe the Daily Planet will try to woo her back. But maybe we’re thinking too far ahead. The Eradicator still exists and Edge still needs the people of Smallville to become Kryptonian hosts, so there may be some time yet before Lois starts worrying about a job or her next story.

Also, isn’t wild how a device called “the Eradicator” never does what it says on the tin? Do we thank Roger Stern for that?

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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