Nick Spencer’s Run Ends With ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #74

by Brendan M. Allen

Nick Spencer will close out his run on Amazing Spider-Man this September. Since taking over the title, the writer has attempted to create a Spider-Man saga for the ages, taking Peter Parker, his supporting cast, and iconic rogues gallery on new journeys. 

With numerous storylines under his belt, Spencer will end his work on the Spider-Man mythos in Amazing Spider-Man #74. The milestone 875th issue of the title, Amazing Spider-Man #74 will be an 80-page issue complete with artwork from some of the artists that have contributed to this run: Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, Marcelo Ferreira and more. The culmination of over three years’ worth of storylines, this finale will be full of developments that will launch Peter Parker into his next high-flying era.

“The last three years of Amazing Spider-Man have been Nick Spencer’s love letter to his favorite character and comic,” Editor Nick Lowe said. “He may be the biggest Spidey fan ever as evidenced from the fact that he read every Spider-Man comic in preparation for his landmark run.’

Amazing Spider-Man #74 swings into shops on September 22nd. Stay tuned next week for exciting news about the next era of Spider-Man.

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