‘Loki’ Ep.3 Review: Loki And Lady Loki Take A Break From The Main Plot To Get To Know Each Other A Little Better

by Olly MacNamee

Episode three of Marvel Studios’ Loki picks up right were last week’s left off with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in hot pursuit of Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino). Now going by the name of Sylvie as an alias. And it’s not too long before they are both stranded on the planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077 and in the midst of another apocalyptic level event. And a shift in colour palette too, with the planet’s atmosphere cast in hues of lilac, magenta and purple suggesting the oncoming end of the world. Out of all the Marvel films and TV shows, the dedication to specific colours for certain locations must surely have some significance similar to the colours used in Breaking Bad? I just can’t figure it out yet. Here’s hoping director Kate Herron reveals all at some point.

While on this planet the action of last week’s show comes to almost a grinding halt in favour of some unfriendly banter and a little bit of flirtatious back and forth between these two gods of mischiefs. Banter that eventually leads them to a grudging understanding and trust. But as we’re talking about gods of mischief, how much trust one can place on this new union is anyone’s guess. Especially as there is a great deal of emphasis put on Sylvie’s power of enchantment. A power more associated with the Enchantress, a character who has also used this moniker of Sylvie in Thor comic book lore. Surely not a coincidence?

But enough of the speculation, while this is another dialogue focussed instalment there are some great moments shared between the two as well as a great deal of metaphors for love thrown around which even they realise are pretty weak. It all makes for a fun episode and while it is light on action, its large on acting with Hiddleston and Di Martino playfully duelling with one another for dominate of each scene they share. Which is most of them. 

Add in a revelation near the end of the episode that Loki almost allows to go unnoticed and anyone, like myself, that feel the TVA aren’t the benevolent keeper of time and space may well be on the right lines. A gripping episode that leaned more to the theatrical than the dramatical. But one that was necessary to establish Sylvie in a show that only has three more episodes in which to tell its story. 

Loki is streaming now on Disney + with new episodes every Wednesday. 

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