Art For Art’s Sake # 110 – The Early Alan Davis…

by Richard Bruton

Right, stop what you’re doing and give yourself a few minutes to relax and grab a little art therapy – it’s time for your weekly dose of comic medicine, it’s time for Art For Art’s Sake

The Unexpected #198 – cover by Luis Dominguez – stunning!

The Girl From The Other SideNagabe

Young Hellboy – Matt Smith

More Hellboy, this time from Tiernen TrevallionHellboy & the BRPD, Her Fatal Hour

Veronica Fish

Uncanny X-Men #201 – cover recreation by Rick Leonardi

A couple from Kevin Wada – Ultra Boy and a sexy lookin’ Winter Soldier –

Thor, The Mighty Avenger #3 – a brilliant series by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee

Superman Red & Blue#3 by Paul Pope

Superman & Lois – Pasqual Ferry

Marvel Spider-Man poster by Vince Evans

Simon Bisley Slaine, The Horned God

Ran and the Gray WorldAki Irie

Nikolai Dante – Simon Fraser

And finally…

Time for a little Alan Davis, the UK artist behind Miracleman/Marvelman, Captain Britain, DR & Quinch, Excalibur, X-Men, Batman, oh we could keep going… but we’re going to go with some of his early work here… 2000 AD & Marvel UK… (don’t worry, I’ll cover Miracleman somewhere else!)

Like this, his first work for 2000 AD

And more from 2000 AD

A little fanzine art…

Marvel UK…


And to end…

I knew of this art but I’d never heard the reason behind it before – thanks to Peter Duncan and the Mighty World of British Comics for the info…

‘Back in 1987, Alan Davis offered artwork in Ark 17/18, for the best script to finish this unfinished page featuring Captain Britain and Marvelman. Spencer Woodcock was a worthy winner, and the page was lettered by Richard Starkings.

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