Mondo Music Releases ‘Wonder Woman 84’ OST On Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl

by Olly MacNamee

Wonder Woman 84 may have been and gone but you can always relive it with the Hans Zimmer film score, courtesy of Mondo Music/WaterTower Music. It was, after all, probably the best part of the whole movie. But then again, that wasn’t too hard.

The new 12″ triple vinyl “Fireworks” coloured LP features original artwork by La Boca and comes with holo-foil elements.

“Hans Zimmer’s score to WONDER WOMAN 1984 is quite possibly my favorite piece of superhero film scoring since John Williams’ SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE (1978), and Danny Elfman’s BATMAN (1989). We know that sounds hyperbolic, but even before our test pressings arrived, it was one of our most listened to albums on Spotify of the last 6 months. It’s that good. We can’t wait for you to hear how good it sounds on vinyl out of big speakers.”

For you copy look out for the release on Wednesday 30th June from noon (CST) onwards. Pressed on 3x 180 Gram Fireworks vinyl (MondoRecordShop exclusive limited to 1,000 copies). Also available on 3x 180 Gram Swirl Vinyl and 3x 180 Gram Black Vinyl $45.

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