New Threats, New Friends, An A New Home: ‘Home Sick Pilots’ #6 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee


Home Sick Pilots #6 moves the action to the Nevada desert and we catch up with the remaining survivors as they embrace on a new chapter of their lives. A chapter they never asked for in the genre-breaking series that’s only juts getting started. A welcome return!


It’s a new day and a new status quo for the teenage survivors of Home Sick Pilots opening arc. Meg and Rip are now part of a too-cool-for-school shadow department working for the military, all made up of supernaturally gifted youngsters who Rip feels have sold out. These guys are The Offspring to Meg and Rip’s NoFX. They just don’t know it. What the kids from Stranger Things might do when they’re all grown up!

We get to meet a whole new set of characters, all working on various creepy projects in the aim of harnessing the power of the unknown. These guys are introduced to the reader via a tour of the underground facilities Rip and Meg are based at somewhere in the Nevada desert, all gorgeously illustrated by Caspar Wijngaard. He can really capture and remix the clean lines of technology with the more gnarly and grotesque to produce something new and original in his designs. The sight of the various tech-meets-horror machines Rip is introduced to the restricted access workshop area – down a flight of stairs in an industrial sized basement, of course – is a sight to be seen and is a great single panel that captures the whole tone and style of this series.

Dan Watters continues to keep the readers on their toes in a book that he proven anything can happen and often does, and by introducing this new gang of characters there is the sense of this series’ scope only growing in scale. This is a series that could run and run. And like The Walking Dead before it, the readers cannot rely on their favourite characters always being there.

Watters love for both punk rock and horror is evident, but it’s this love of both that greatly brings an informed eye to proceedings and a freshness take on an oft-tired genre of storytelling. Mixing aspects of anime with video-nasty era horror tropes works so well. And like a pustulous wound, they’re only scratch the surface. But already they revealed a new kind of horror that I can’t get enough of.

Home Sick Pilots #6 is out now from Image Comics

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