New Transformers X Jurassic Park Collaboration Up For Pre-Orders

by Gary Catig

Hasbro has shown they’re open to the idea of making mash up toys with their Transformers brand. Previously they’ve combined it with such popular films as Top Gun and Back to the Future. For their latest collaboration, they’ve teamed up with Jurassic Park for a pair of new collectibles.

This is the first ever collaboration between the two and it will take the iconic T-Rex and Ford Explorer from the first film in 1993 and turn them into Tyrannocon Rex and Autobot JP93. The pair include a total of 260 unique decos and details inspired by moments from Jurassic Park.

Tyrannocon Rex stands seven inches and has an all-new head mold. It converts between robot and dinosaur in 27 steps and features a detailed molded dino texture.

Autobot JP93 transforms between the two modes in 18 steps. The Ford Explorer mode is officially licensed and the figure comes with a blaster accessory that can be attached when either as a robot or vehicle. Dr. Alan Grant and the Game Warden inspire JP93’s hat as a robot and the blaster.

The packaging includes a cardboard backdrop illustration of the T-Rex’s cage along with footprint graphics on the back of the pack.

The two-pack is available for pre-order now on for the retail price of $104.99. A second release will occur starting on December 1, 2021 through Hasbro Pulse and select retailers.

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