New From Z2 Comics – Beartooth Bring You ‘The Journey Below’!

by Richard Bruton

More new music comics coming from Z2 Comics, with the announcement of a new graphic novel from Ohio’s Beartooth accompanying their new album ‘Below’…The Journey Below.

The Ohio Heavy Metal band Beartooth join with writer Tony Lee and artist Szymon Kudranski For The Journey Below for a prequel to their new album ‘Below’ and the world of Barry, its demon overlord.

The story behind the myths of Beartooth’s album Below is brought to life as Barry awakens corporate drone Lita’s memory of how alive the world once was before the cold forces of the corporate world outlawed rock, reminding her of who she truly was, and who she could be again.

Beartooth will bring their new antihero and mascot Barry to comics this fall in Beartooth: The Journey Below, the official companion to their brand new album, available to pre-order now in both a standard softcover and hardcover formats, as well as slipcase, deluxe and super deluxe editions featuring exclusive prints and vinyl – all from the Z2 Comics website.

“‘Below’ is deliberately heavier than anything Beartooth have ever done” – NME

“Proof that Caleb Shomo is one of his generation’s most remarkable songwriters: the deeper he dives, the higher Beartooth climb.” – Kerrang

“Storytelling has always been something we’ve wanted to dive into as a band. Our goal is to build a universe full of adventure for Beartooth fans to explore.” – Beartooth’s Oshie Bichar

“I’ve been a fan of Beartooth since ‘Aggressive’ came out, and I’m over the moon to work with them on this story. The world of Below is a place I’ve wanted to visit a lot during the last year, and now I get to share it with everyone.”– Tony Lee

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