We Get A Rare Preview For Robert Kirkman And Chris Samnee’s ‘Firepower’ #14

by Olly MacNamee

Robert Kirkman is a creator who plays his hand very close to his chest. It helps create a sense of excitement, anticipation and mystery ariund comic books once again and I commend him for this strategy. It’s now become his trademark. But today Kirkman gives fans a first look at Firepower #14:

“The jaw-dropping Year Two of Fire Power continues as Owen has quickly realizes that he and his family may never be able to return to a normal life. After all, The Serpent’s Omen is called that for a reason…and they’re not the only ones from Owen’s past ready to show their faces once again.

Plus, Wei Lun hits the courts for the first time and he’s got a wicked crossover. It’s gotta be the shoes, right?”

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee #14  will be available on Wednesday, August 4th from Skybound/Image.

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