Brubaker And Martin’s Webcomic ‘Friday’ To Be Collected In Print By Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martín’s Panel Syndicate web comic, Friday, is to be collected and printed by Image Comics with the first volume, Friday, Book One: The First Day of Christmas, out this November, and just in time for the holiday season, appropriately enough.

“Friday Fitzhugh spent her childhood solving crimes and digging up occult secrets with her best friend Lancelot Jones, the smartest boy in the world. But that was the past. Now she’s in college, starting a new life on her own—or so she thought. When Friday comes home for the holidays, she’s immediately pulled back into Lance’s orbit and finds that something very strange and dangerous is happening in their little New England town… Everything quickly snowballs into the Christmas vacation from Hell—and they may not survive to see the New Year.”

Brubaker shared his excitement to see this come to print below:

“I’m so excited to finally see Friday in print. This is one of my career-favorite projects, and every chapter that Marcos draws ups his game to an unbelievable level. I’ve never really done anything like this book before, a post-YA coming of age story with that beautiful mid-70s era look, and watching Marcos and Muntsa bring the town of Kings Hill to life has been astonishing. I can’t wait for a whole new audience to discover Friday Fitzhugh and her terrible Christmas.” 

Martín added:

“Friday Fitzhugh and Lancelot Jones thought they were enjoying their adventures as YA detectives in a nice New England town but of course, they didn’t know their lives were in the hands of master crime storyteller, Ed Brubaker. That’s real unfortunate for them as anyone familiar with Ed’s expert hand in setting up dark, troubling situations wrapped in sad, melancholic atmospheres knows. But their loss is our gain and I hope the readers will have as much of a blast getting to know these characters as I’ve had drawing them. Or if nothing else, just flip through the pages to enjoy Muntsa’s beautiful color work.”

Friday, Book One: The First Day of Christmas trade paperback will be available on Wednesday, November 3 and in bookstores on Tuesday, November 9.

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