Review: ‘The Bad Batch’ S01 Ep.12 ‘Rescue On Ryloth’

by Olly MacNamee

This week’s episode saw us return to Ryloth and catch up with Twi’lek freedom fighters Cham and Eleni, who were captured by Admiral Rampart. An episode that borrowed from both The Clone Wars and Rebels cartoon series with plenty of trademark Star Wars action. There were droids, shoots-outs and, of course, a rescue. And more from Clone Force 99 too. All in all a great episode that is forging something very new in this corner of the Star Wars galaxy.

Rebels stalwart, Hera – still a kid here – contacts Omega to get help in saving her parents and so, after she persuasion, Hunter and the gang set course for Ryloth. Meanwhile, Captain Howzer seems somewhat disturbed by unfolding events and soon uttermost a rebellion, with many clone troopers willing to follow him. After all, as he points out, they were sent to Ryloth to save them from the Separatists. But now they have, they have become the dominant force and turned on the Twi’leks. His actions, and those of other clone troopers willing to rebel, did get me thinking, however, of the longer story being played out here; the ultimate phasing out of clones in favour of recruited storm troopers. Might this rebellious streak in their shared DNA be the deciding factor in the Empire’s choice to go with recruits? 

With a daring rescue by the Bad Batch injections a classic Star Wars vibe to affairs, I throughly enjoyed this episode. Especially the way we are seeing the Empire rise and the teething problems that come with that. Teething problems you just know will be dealt with firmly and forcibly. One of the more prominent episodes of this first season.

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