Where Angels Fear To Tread, Send In The Devils: ‘Vinyl’ #2 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


Walter continues in his attempts to extract his new friend, and FBI agent, from the clutches of the local death cult by sending in acquaintances with the same tastes as himself into a situation where angels would definitely fear to tread.


If nothing else, Vinyl is the most bizarre example of a rescue plot you’ll get in any comic on the shelves now or ever. It’s not every day you have a group of serial killers coming together to come and save the ass of an FBI agent now is it? And this issue we are introduced to movie-loving, serial killer twins with a large collection of horror film memorabilia. A pair incentivised to help Walter with the prospect of the caper feeling like being in a real-life horror film. Some people are easily pleased, I suppose. 

And while we get a flashback sequence illustrating Walter’s recruitment of these terrible towns, most of the action is a well paced walk in the dark under the headquarters of the sunnily-dispositioned death cult run by the beautiful but deadly Madeleine with plenty of blood-spattering action wonderfully captured by Daniel Hillyard. 

Doug Wagner’s slow-burn pacing does well to try and capture the same slow-burn tension you get from horror films. And while films and comics work in very different ways, Wagner’s clear understanding of the horror genre and its codes and conventions serves him well in his scripting and use of comic book real estate. Utilising shadows, turn-of-the page and. – at one point – a double-page spread, reveals won’t make anyone jump out of their seats, like at the movies, anytime soon, nevertheless it’s a great repurposing of this effect onto the printed page and still shocking enough. 

Vinyl #2 is a great follow up to the first promising issue with Hillyard once more delivering on the beautiful and the beastly while Wagner executes a well written, well paced script that builds the tension and the bodycount.

Vinyl #2 is out Wednesday 28th July from Image Comics

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