Why We Need An Art Book For ‘Samurai Jack’

by Tito W. James

Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, Samurai Jack was an action sci-fi animated series that premiered on Cartoon Network and ran from 2001-2004. After a twelve-year hiatus, the series returned in 2017 for a final fifth season on Adult Swim.

The show is praised for its cinematic presentation, intricate artistry, and exciting action with a touch of humor. Samurai Jack helped inspire a new generation of artists and creators. Tartakovsky was bringing the epic scope of cinema to TV long before streaming services.

Despite being well regarded by critics and creators alike, we still don’t have an art book for all five seasons of Samurai Jack. We have had art books for Adventure Time, Spongebob, Rick and Morty, Over the Garden Wall, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Archer, He-Man, and both Avatar series. There’s no reason that Samurai Jack, a show that’s most fondly remembered for its artistry, can’t have it’s own art book as so many other cartoons have had.

Now that Genndy Tartakovsky is becoming more widely recognized as an accomplished director with projects like Primal, it’s the perfect time to catalogue the art from his most influential creation.

The aesthetic appeal and compelling design of Samurai Jack withstands the test of time. It truly was and continues to be a cartoon that is unlike anything produced on Cartoon Network before or since.

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