Review: ‘The Bad Batch’ S01 Ep. 15 ‘Finale’ (Part 1)

by Olly MacNamee

For a rip-roaring finale to a Star Wars series I couldn’t think of a better backdrop than the tempestuous world of Kamino. A planet with so much to answer for, with not a Kaminoan in sight.  Which is very disconcerting, but never explicitly referenced. Nor does it need to be if you’ve seen last weeks ominous episode.

What we get in this first part of a two part finale is a very fast paced action-orientated instalment. So action packed in fact that I was surprised when it finished, and in spectacular fashion too. It certainly explains why we don’t see any Kaminoans in later instalments of the Star Wars franchise, that’s for sure. And, one more, we see the might of the Empire in action. An Empire that has steadily ingrained itself, across this series, into every corner of the galaxy and enforcing their rule. 

The Bad Batch head to Kamino to rescue Hunter, even though they know it’s a trap. And, thanks to Omega’s local knowledge, they soon find themselves deep in the heart of the Kamino city and soon face to face with Crosshair. It’s a moment that’s long been coming and plays up the duality of humanity, a central theme throughout Star Wars, but usually involving fathers and sons. In this case, it’s brother against brother with Crosshair realising he can’t change. Something of a departure from the usual outcome in these standoffs on the big screen. But, whether he is dead or not is not explained as his seemingly lifeless body is taken up by Wrecker and brought with them as they try and escape Kamino and the destruction mete out by the Empire’s destroyers looming large above them and raining shot after shot on the city. A city that has withstood the violent oceans of this planet, but cannot withstand this onslaught.   

Like last episode, ‘Finale’ (Part1) serves up a dark plot, as it should in a show forever in the shadow of the Empire’s rise. As the first series comes to an end, I can only see even darker days ahead or Omega and Clone Force 99, which is fine by me. Star Wars is at it’s best when it explores the dark side.

The Bad Batch is streaming on Disney + with new episodes each Friday. Well, for one more week.

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