Return To The World Of H.P. Lovecraft With AfterShock Comics’ ‘Miskatonic: Even Death May Die’ One-Shot Special

by Olly MacNamee

The writings of H.P. Lovecraft has long been a fertile world for inspiration for many an American creator, as is the case with a new one-shot from AfterShock Comics, Miskatonic: Even Death May Die by writer Mark Sable, artist Giorgio Pontrelli, colourist Pippa Bowland and letterer Dave Sharpe. A “one-shock” horror comic out this November that ties into his recent Lovecraftian series, Miskatonic.

“The hit series returns as a prestige-format One Shock!

The horrifying events in the Miskatonic Valley have torn apart retired detective Tom Malone and ex-FBI agent Miranda Keller. Miranda tries to escape a Deep One concentration camp and a traumatized Tom is obsessed with finding and freeing her. But soon they both start sharing dreams of Cthulhu, a monstrous entity in the South Pacific who will soon awaken and bring about the end of the world as we know it. “

 Sable lets us know what this new book is all about:

“MISKATONIC: EVEN DEATH MAY DIE special is a 48-page, oversized grand finale to MISKATONIC, the crime/horror/historical fiction set in H.P. Lovecraft’s valley of the same name, picking up right where the series left off in the late 1920’s. The protagonists are the same. Miranda Keller, one of the first female FBI agents, trying to escape from a concentration camp for half-man, half-sea creature, the Deep Ones in the American Southwest.  Her partner Tom Keller, a retired NYPD officer from Lovecraft’s The Horror of Red Hook, is trying to track her down.  All of this is set against the backdrop of America’s first red scare…and a strange supernatural call people are hearing across the globe – the Call of Cthulhu.”

Is it essential to have read the previous series to enjoy this one-off special?

“I try to make every book I write as stand-alone as possible, in the same way I tried to make MISKATONIC accessible and enjoyable to those who’ve never read Lovecraft’s work.  That said, I do think reading the series will enhance your experience.” – Mark Sable

And fnally, a word on his collaborators:

“Incredible.  Giorgio and colorist Pippa Bowland create magic together, and each time I get a page it’s a real treat.  Letterer Dave Sharpe had a tough act to follow coming after Thomas Mauer but his work is the unsung hero of this book. Having Jeremy Haun on covers for this and WAR ON TERROR: GODKILLERS has spoiled me.  And AfterShock editor, Christina Harrington, giving the perfect mix of critique and creative freedom, pushing me to do what I think is my best work in years. And AfterShock has just been a joy to work with, from editorial to sales and marketing I’ve felt nothing but support and appreciation. I have two more yet-to-be announced books coming out from them, and I can’t think of a better home for them.” 

Miskatonic: Even Death May Die will be out Wednesday 14th November from AfterShock Comics

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