Review: ‘The Bad Batch’ S01 Ep.16 ’Kamino Lost’

by Olly MacNamee

(+++ WARNING: Thsi review contains spoilers for The Bad Batch, ‘Kamino Lost’ +++)

While this final episode is certainly full of tension as the Bad Batch escape the sinking city structure on Kamino, overall this was something of a disappointment as a series finale. With the rise of the empire being the backbone of this whole series I wanted more than just the story of Clone Force 99 escaping, with pathetic fallacy laid on thick throughout as the storms continues to rage, but didn’t get what I hoped for. There was very little foreshadowing or even much of a tease at the end either. Which is a shame because all in all this was a great first series with more killers than fillers. A series built on the foundations of both The Clone Wars and Rebels with just smattering of the films included and many a scene that echoed iconic moments from Star Wars’ past. 

Stripped of any Easter eggs, the viewer can only focus on the story and the battle to not just escape but also the battle between family as Crosshair is revealed to be alive and well and causing trouble. And thereby a force to be reckoned with in the next series as he once more turns down their offer of a reunion.

Thanks to the aforementioned pathetic fallacy, and a lot of the action taking place in the darkest depth of the ocean, the tone is appropriately dark and tense. This was never going to be an easy escape and time and again the gang come up against one obstacle after another as they eventually escape and fly off in to the skies. 

Across the whole series we have seen Omega take her rightful place shoulder to shoulder with Hunter and the rest of the Bad Batch. A point Crosshairs makes with disdain. But then, he hasn’t witnesses what we have. Remember, Omega is one of only two pure breeds and therefore the closest thing to the wily and cunning Jango Fett we’ve seen. She’s certainly got his brains. And rather than being a precocious brat, has proven herself to be a worthy addition to the ever expanding Star Wars universe. It will be interesting to see her develop and mature over the coming years. And discover her fate too, given there is no sign of her in Star Wars: A New Hope or subsequent films either. 

A perilous episode, yes, but not a grand finale. There’s nothing that really hooked me to wait with bated breath for the next series. Not even a final glimpse of Grand Moff Tarkin. 

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