Something For The Weekend: Another Selection Of Popular Posts From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

It’s Saturday, so that means a chance to catch up on some of the more popular posts from the past week with an all-comics selection and kicking off with the BIG news of the week…

  1. James Tynion IV leaves DC Comics for Substack
  2. … with Johnathan Hickman also announced as one of many creators building new worlds and new IPs on this as-yet untested new platform for delivering digital comics.
  3. In other news, I got the chance to catch up with Kyle Higgins and discuss his new, sweeping epic Ordinary Gods here.
  4. Brendan M Allen helped announce Red 5 Comics’ new series Merlin & Hector here.
  5. And last weeks Review Round-Up makes it on this week’s list.
  6. And, Brendan’s Jumping On column makes it onto the list again too.
  7. Tony Thornley posted about the big X-Men news this week, Inferno, coming in September.
  8. Three previews that hit the list this week were, DC Comics Hardwire Season One #1 and…
  9. AfterShock’s Lovecraftian Miskatonic: Even Death May Die “one-shock”.
  10. And finally, DC Comics TV tie-in, Pennyworth #1.

Right, I’m outta here to enjoy the weekend. I hope you can too.

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