Genshin Impact Releases Their Latest Trailer: Floating World Under The Moonlight

by Sage Ashford

miHoYo is getting ready to drop their version 2.1 update for Genshin Impact, and premiered a glimpse of the new content with their “Floating World Under the Moonlight” trailer. The update adds more islands from Inazuma: Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. The game will also add Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Aloy to the game for PlayStation players.  The character won’t be available for other players until version 2.2.

More about this update can be found on the PlayStation blog:

A Grand Finale to the Inazuma Chapter

“With Version 2.1, the main storyline of the tumultuous nation of Inazuma will finally come to an end in the new chapter – Omnipresence Over Mortals. In the previous story, the Traveler was defeated in their first confrontation against the Raiden Shogun, and later joined the ranks of the resistance forces. Will the Traveler confront the Almighty Shogun again? Will the Traveler stand a chance to shake the Shogun’s imposing will to pursue eternity and turn the situation around in Inazuma? All will be revealed in the coming Archon quest.

As the story unfolds, two new major islands will be made available to players. The first one is Watatsumi Island, home to the resistance forces. At the center of the island stands the beautiful Sangonomiya Shrine surrounded by mountains and misty waterfalls. The island has a dreamy other-worldly scenery, and in terms of faith, its citizens worship the Great Serpent instead of the Electro Archon.

In contrast to Watatsumi Island, Seirai Island’s atmosphere is bleak, eerie, and gloomy. The island is shrouded in perpetual violent storms, leaving the ruins, abandoned shrines, and withering trees to tell a sad story of the past.”

Tough Enemies and Reliable Allies

“Your journey in Inazuma may be fraught with peril, with a new Trounce Domain boss, Signora, and new boss enemies, Hydro Hypostasis and Thunder Manifestation awaiting you. Signora is a formidable opponent with a noble aura and great power, and the dev team has devoted about eight months in designing this battle. We hope to give this character a very special aesthetic by designing her unique movements and effects in battle, as well as her versatile fighting style to transform between Cryo and Pyro and change the battle environment.

Meanwhile, we’d like to introduce three new playable characters who may become valuable assets in your daily battles and exploration. The Raiden Shogun herself will be joining as a five-star Electro polearm user. When we designed her stance and movements, we wanted to show the calmness, majesty and divine power of an Archon. We also took inspiration from Hassō-no-kamae, sword sheathing, and other actions of Kenjutsu to design her combat movements.

Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Divine Priestess and leader of Watatsumi Island and the resistance forces, will be joining as another five-star character. Wielding the power of Hydro and a catalyst, she can provide a great amount of healing to teammates. Last but not least is Kujou Sara, the bold and decisive general of the Tenryou Commission loyal to the Shogun. As a bow wielder with an Electro Vision, she can deal solid Electro ranged attacks and provide buffs to the team.

Story quests for the Raiden Shogun and Kokomi will also be available. Players can find out the stories behind these two of the most high-ranking, intelligent, and powerful women in Inazuma.”

The Genshin Impact Version 2.1 update drops September 1st for all players.

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