Previewing ‘Sláine: Dragontamer’ – Going Out On An Artistic HighAnd Kissing The Axe One Last Time

by Richard Bruton

Created by Pat Mills and Angie Kincaid, some 40 years back, the adventures of 2000 AD‘s legendary Celtic warrior, Sláine, end right here in ‘Dragontamer, with stunning art from Leonardo Manco.


I am Sláine Mac Roth. I am Sláine Mac Macha. I am Sláine Mac Duban. And the ancestors are with me!

40 years on from that first appearance, Sláine bows out here in ‘Dragontamer in very Sláine fashion – there are rebellions to be led against Emperor Brutus and his Trojan army, there are enemies to be dispatched, there are axes to be kissed, there are dragons to be tamed.

It’s a very Sláine sort of Sláine, it has to be said, with Mills doing what he’s done all along with his character – kind of a greatest hits affair, all the familiar action, bloodshed, mysticism, ancient Gods sort of stuff, and all of those catchphrases all coming back for one last hurrah.

But the highlight has to be, just as it always really has been with Sláine, the art from Leonardo Manco.

Yes, Manco’s artwork is totally the star of the show here, something we’ve already seen week in and week out in 2000 AD when this was serialised. But here, for the collection, he’s gone back over the art and re-jigged and re-tooled multiple pages of this collection.

And well, for a book that looked superb in the pages of 2000 AD, we now get a book that looks, well, superb.

Manco’s name joins a stellar line-up of artistic talent that have seen Sláine triumph through the last four decades – Angie Kincaid, Massimo Belardinelli, Mike McMahon, Glenn Fabry, David Pugh, Bryan Talbot, Mike Collins, Simon Bisley, Dermot Power, Greg Staples, Clint Langley, Jim Murray, Steve Tappin, Nick Percival, Rafael Garres, Paul Staples, Wayne Reynolds, Siko, David Bircham, Steve Parkhouse, Simon Davis, Chris Weston, Kyle Hotz.

And as a final artist, Leonardo Manco’s name goes pretty much right up there into the very best of those artists who’ve worked on Sláine over the years.

It’s a fitting end to the series, looking as great now as it ever did.

Sláine: Dragontamer

Published by 2000 AD / Rebellion on 28 September (UK) & 27 October (US)

Signed limited edition hardcover available exclusively from 2000 AD’s webshop.

Contains the stories…

Dragontamer – by Pat Mills and Leonardo Manco, letters by Annie Parkhouse.
Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 2212-2228

Bogatyr – by Pat Mills and Chris Weston, letters by Ellie De Ville.
Originally published in 2000 AD Prog 2111

Lord Weird Slough Feg – Lord of the Hunt – by Pat Mills and Kyle Hotz, letters by Ellie De Ville.
Originally published in 2000 AD Villains Special 2018

So, fancy a preview? Oh, of course you do…


And as a bit of an artistic extra… something absolutely ridiculous for you… the description of these black and white artworks from the endpapers of the book … sketches!!!! These are about as far from sketches as you can get.

So, one and all, a final look at Leonardo Manco‘s exquisite artwork on Slaine Dragontamer



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