Advance Review: ‘Transformers: Beast Wars’ #8 Ups The Danger

by Benjamin Hall


After encountering one maximal Blackarachnia plays a dangerous game of hide and seek with the rest. Will the Maximals find her before disaster can strike?


Artist Winston Chan does great with the visual characterization. While colorist Sidvenblu elevates the visual characterization via hues that spotlight depth on characters. Chan also does well with keeping the proportions very consistent. Unfortunately there is a change in perspective that results in characters teleporting around an object. Not to mention that a weapon gets some use, but in a way that only fans of the show Beast Wars: Transformers (1996-1999) will realize. In other words Chan needs to work on sequencing and how it relates to perspective. Also both Chan and Sidvenblu could do more with shadows and shading.

Transformers: Beast Wars #8 cover RI by Ryan Miller.

Writer Erik Burnham takes what fans of the show know and deviates in a way that is logical. Burnham also builds on moments from previous issues, and this suggests that Burnham has a plan. As for the characterization some of it seems to convey the same way as on the show. Although certain characters seemingly have no real presence in this issue. Fortunately letterer Jake M. Wood does a good job at assisting with relating character’s moods via placement and sizing. This is fortunate since it allows for readers to possibly miss the lack of presence moments. However, the first few pages of story have a few boxes that have too much space between words.

Artists Andrew Lee Griffith, Martin Gee, and Ryan Miller create the three covers, respectively. While Griffith provides a high quality cover Griffith forgets one of the Moons orbiting the planet. Also the action Optimus Primal is doing is rather hard to discern. For example Primal could be running away or attacking, but failing to land the punch. Gee goes for a style reminiscent of the show Transformers: Animated (2007-2009). Though this is interesting its overall design is merely decent. Finally Miller goes surrealistic in a way that makes this a retailer incentive cover that may appeal to many who don’t usually buy variants.

Transformers: Beast Wars #8 comes out Oct. 22, 2021 from IDW.

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