Comics, Music, And NFTs Collide In The ‘Seven Dead Stars’ Universe

by Brendan M. Allen

Hot on the heels of their Seven Dead Stars #0 comic release and musical accompaniment EP Zero, Unsecret and DJ Form have announced the Seven Dead Stars NFT store. The team invites fans to level-up with the Seven Dead Stars marketplace, in which the artists have a fully customized platform where fans will be able to buy, sell, and trade NFT’s while also contributing to the expansion of the Seven Dead Stars universe.

The first of its kind, Seven Dead Stars has a custom branded NFT marketplace on the NEAR blockchain, with the help of Minting Music. Each Wednesday for the next eight weeks, a new NFT will drop on the 7DS NFT Fan Store, including audio visual pieces, collectible trading cards and comic book pages, with more to come, as, future NFT’s and releases will continue to reveal more function, utility and value within the world of 7DS, unlocking new content, as well as access to digital and physical rewards in the growing metaverse.

“We’ve always talked about Seven Dead Stars embracing innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking,” said Unsecret. “Blending hiphop into the music score, using our  real-world personas in the storytelling, integrating wild theories about quantum physics that are almost magical—we’re always looking for new ways to explore the outer edges. So when the idea of NFTs came along, it only seemed natural to jump into the emerging space to see what would happen! In some ways, NFTs have been a perfect expression of Seven Dead Stars, as some of our NFTs use both music and art, showcasing what we’re trying to do with the comic/music experience. We’re excited for people to be able to join our Seven Dead Stars universe by acquiring an NFT, especially in these early days when the project is so young and fresh. Who knows? Maybe some of these NFTs end up being worth a mint someday!”

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