Camrus Johnson Responds To Ruby Rose’s ‘Batwoman’ Allegations

by Erik Amaya

Camrus Johnson is making his opinion of former Batwoman star Ruby Rose known. In a series of tweets Wednesday night (via TV Line), TV’s Luke Fox wrote, “Yea fam, she was fired. And it is VERY hard to be fired when you’re the lead. Imagine what u have to do for that 2 happen.”

His response comes less then a day after Rose took to Instagram to air grievances she still held in the wake of her departure from the series. In a set of stories, she called out showrunner Caroline Dries, former Warner Bros. Television chairman Peter Roth, former co-star Dougray Scott, and Johnson specifically. In the latter’s case, Rose suggested he was the source of the leaks about her on-set tardiness and other behavior, which she maintained was related to ongoing complications from her back surgery just before the first season began. She also claimed Johnson was the one to complain about her medical-related lateness despite only being on set once a week to shoot his scenes.

“Lot of lies were spread today,” the actor continued.

Scott also responded to allegations he “hurt” a stuntwoman and was known for shouting at crew members, telling TVLine, “I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by [Ruby Rose]; they are entirely made up and never happened.”

Warner Bros. Television released a statement on Wednesday referring to Rose’s claims as “revisionist history” and suggesting her dismissal from the show was entirely a result of her behavior.

Nevertheless, the stories Rose told and the responses to them suggest Batwoman is not the happiest of sets. We’re inclined to believe that to be the case as you can just about see the unease on screen with the program’s slow pace, dropped ideas, and constant realigning of character dynamics; and we say that as people still invested in watching the show! It remains to be seen how much of either side’s claims are true — we’re are definitely inclined to believe Rose’s claims of the set being particularly unsafe for stunt performers and support workers, though, as stories have emerged about injuries independently over the years — but perhaps the current conflict will lead to better working conditions.

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