See Peter Parker Grapple With His Beastly Transformation In New Savage Spider-Man Covers

by Brendan M. Allen

This February, readers will witness a shocking transformation of Peter Parker in Savage Spider-Man. From writer Joe Kelly and artist Gerardo Sandoval, this all-new limited series will see Spider-Man evolve into a monstrous new being as he finds himself on a wild journey filled with horror, savage thrills, and self-discovery. Fans can see his beastly new form in all its terrifying glory in two all-new variant covers by superstar artists Mark Bagley and Ron Lim.

“What happens when Spider-Man loses all those things that make him a hero – his heart, his spirit, his mind? What’s left? That’s where we are left after the Immaculatum and Zemo had their way with Spidey in Non-Stop: a Spider moving on anger and instinct,” Kelly said. “This chapter of the saga takes us to these places with Peter… I just hope there’s something left in there to pull him back out.”

Savage Spider-Man #1 hits stands in February 2022. 

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