AfterShock Comics Announces ‘Land Of The Living Gods’

by Olly MacNamee

AfterShock Comics have a new comic book series to announce today, Land of the Living Gods., from writer Isaac Mogajane, artist Santtos and letterer Dave Sharpe. Dubbed a “fairy tale of the times” this supernatural sci-fi story will debut Wednesday 2nd February 2022 with a first look below and a few words from Mogajane:

“It is said that when the world dies, the spirits of the first people will return to witness the last days of humanity. Well, the spirits have arrived, and the end is here. But not everyone has given up hope.  

Naledi, a teenage girl living in the deserted city once called Johannesburg, has always believed that there is a land, hidden away in time, where the gods still live. And where there are gods, there are miracles. Perhaps even miracles that are big enough to save our dying planet. And so, after a lifetime of isolation, Naledi will head out into the unknown with little to hold onto but her faith – and her magical pet plant, Buyo.

A fairy tale for the times in which we find ourselves, brought to life by South African writer and producer Isaac Mogajane (Matwetwe, Catching Feelings) and Brazilian artist Santtos (Night Shift), LAND OF THE LIVING GODS will introduce you to a world of wonder and cruelty, beauty and perseverance – and will leave you profoundly changed.”

Isaax Mogajane talks more about the book itself and what readers can expect:

“Land of the Living Gods is set in an African dystopian future and explores a world where the end has arrived and the remaining human population has embraced spirituality and superstition as a way of confronting their eventual extinction. Chief amongst these beliefs is the legend of the Living Gods, celestial beings that are said to live in a hidden land here on earth. Many believe that the living gods have the means to revive the earth, rejuvenating its soils, atmosphere and wildlife but have so far chosen not to.  

Naledi, a young girl who has lived a sheltered life in what’s left of Johannesburg, will set out to find the living gods. Armed with little more than her faith and her best friend, an intelligent pot-plant named Buyo, she will traverse a hostile landscape, make new allies and confront both the worst and the best of humanity.”


As for his inspiration? 

“One of my major influences is the manga and feature film, Akira. I loved how this film created a wholly believable future that was so deeply steeped in Japanese aesthetics and culture. Seeing it as a child made me want to do the same by telling genre stories that come from South Africa and feel wholly specific to here.”

And finally, three reasons for you to buy this new series:

“1. Something new: We’ve seen post-apocalyptic before, but not quite like this. This book pulls from African cultures, traditional beliefs and superstitions and uses them to underpin its unique narrative and characters. 2. Surprising outcomes: This is a book that is built on the blurring of perception and misperception. Not everything that readers experience will be quite what it seems to be, and I’m hyped to see how some of the major twists and turns we have planned play out. 3. Buyo: One of our lead characters is an intelligent pot-plant. What more do I need to say?” 

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