League Of Legends ‘Arcane’ First Impressions

by Tito W. James

Arcane has been a highly anticipated Animated Event series since it was first announced. The series premiered its first three episodes and has already eclipsed my expectations. I never expected to witness Spider-Verse-level animation as a TV series. Fortiche Production has refined the look of League of Legends through years of carful iteration. The comic book, anime, and painterly aesthetics meld into one cohesive whole. So many live-action SciFi and Fantasy shows have opted for a colorless “grimdark” palette. Conversely, Arcane is alive with color that accents its world whether the tone is light or dark.

Much can be said about Arcane’s stunning visuals, but the eye-candy is built upon a rich story. The world and characters within Arcane are expressive, well-acted, and complex. The striking directorial choices show a clear love of cinematic storytelling. The cumulative effect of the art and story is a new gold standard for what animation can do with genre fiction. This isn’t Marvel, Star Wars, or Harry Potter. The show displays the freshest vision in Pop-Culture. This is Arcane!

New episodes streaming Saturday on Netflix.

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