Review: ‘Daredevil’ #36 Brings A Chapter To A Close

by Tony Thornley

Matt Murdock’s future may seem bright, but as any longtime Daredevil fan knows, Matt’s life could always get darker. With Devil’s Reign on the horizon, it is likely to become VERY dark.

This volume of Daredevil comes to an end with some huge happenings, and that means Daredevil’s lives (yes, plural) are about to get very complicated. This era-ending issue comes from Chip Zdarsky, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Scott Hanna, Victor Nava, Marco Menyz, Bryan Valenza, and Clayton Cowles.

For his role in stopping the corrupt warden and Bullseye, Daredevil has been released from prison early. It’s not going to be easy from here though. He needs to rebuild his reputation, defend the city, and do it all under the spectre of Wilson Fisk and his new bride… Typhoid Mary.

This installment is largely epilogue to the three years of stories that preceded it. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad issue. Far from it. Zdarsky crafts a chapter that carries emotional heft even while it’s setting up the upcoming event and the inevitable volume that will follow. Every major character gets an emotional arc here, especially Fisk and Elektra. Each of them have come out of Zdarsky’s story changed, and he makes sure we can feel how.

Garcia’s work is solid, but it is tighter with one inker, and looser with another. It’s easy to see that the issue may have been a bit late, but it’s a wild swing in consistency. His layouts are solid, and he does some stunning pages and splashes. It does fall short a bit in the figure work, with the characters sometimes feeling a bit off model.

Menyz and Valenza’s colors are great though. They add a level of realism to the story, and help create a strong sense of place and mood. Cowles does great work as always, especially as some spots in the story are incredibly text heavy.

With this chapter of Matt Murdock’s story at an end, I’m excited to see what’s next, even if it might be hard on our hero.

Daredevil #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.


This strong final issue brings this volume to a close. The art isn’t quite as strong as it has been the rest of the volume, but overall it’s a win.

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