Silvestri And Hawkins Launch ‘Top Cow’s Talent Search’ In Search Of New Comic Book Talent

by Olly MacNamee
Top Cow are looking for new up and coming talent with a new round of Top Cow’s Talent Search. In the past Top Cow has discovered talent such as Tini Howard, Issac Goodhart, and Stephanie Phillips through this competition.
“As the publisher celebrates its 30th Anniversary with CYBERFORCE COMPLETE VOLUME 1 HARDCOVER KICKSTARTER, an action-packed 664 page hardcover collection of the original ’90s stories that launched the TOP COW Universe, it hopes to launch a few comic book creators’ careers!”
Image co-founder, Marc Silvestri, and President/COO Matt Hawkins are searching for entrants who can capture Silvestri’s Cyberforce – a group of cybernetically enhanced resistance fighters on the run from the monolithic multi-national conglomerate CYBERDATA that created them – in this talent search.

So, if you are a budding writer or artist interested in capturing these big action, larger-than-life characters as they return in this gorgeously rendered and assembled first volume of CYBERFORCE?

This is a great opportunity for creators to break into the comic industry.

For full information, click here now and learn more! Top Cow’s Talent Search ends on November 30th, 2022.

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